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  If this is your first visit, please take a few minutes to learn more about ECF and the many things our members do to support the electrical industry and the communities where we work and live with our families. Guests are always welcome at ECF chapter meetings throughout the state. Be sure to check out the  “What’s Happening at ECF” monthly event calendar update and read the latest Blog updates to stay current  and informed about issues of importance to the Electrical Industry and our ECF members. 

As 2023 comes to an end and we reflect back on this year – I now look to what 2024 holds. Many areas in our state are still dealing with storm damage from not only this year, but the previous year as well. Covid seems to be a mere distant past. Gear and Metering still hold extremely long lead times while other items are more readily available from what we were dealing with in the past months.

Our labor force is still struggling as not many younger generations seem to be coming up through the trades. ECF membership is down state wide as well as current member involvement. There are a lot of folks retiring and nobody filling those footsteps.

Recruitment for our trade are key targets ECF needs to focus on for 2024. It is going to take all of us working together and becoming involved with the vocational schools. If every member would recruit just one new member to join ECF in 2024 – we could double our size and enhance our stance as leaders and innovators in the Electrical Industry.

As your 2024 ECF President, I challenge you to work with your local vocational schools to help grow classroom attendance. Support career days at high schools and invest the time at your local chapter meetings and events to encourage your co-workers to spread the word about becoming part of an electrical career path that offers financial security, advancement opportunities and new technology advances.

It is going to take a group effort but one that is attainable. I look forward to serving as your 2024 ECF State President and hopefully you will accept my challenge and be a part of ECF’s growth potential.

     ECF always welcomes your ideas and suggestions.

Jason Ford
2024 ECF State Presiden

About ECF

The Electrical Council of Florida is a non-profit trade association, owned by its members.

ECF's primary purpose is to strengthen all segments of Florida's electrical industry. While there are issues that are unique to specific disciplines, many share common goals which can be achieved through communication and working together.

The association was formed in 1961 by a core group of twenty-two industry leaders who shared the vision of unifying the rapidly changing electrical industry. Today, ECF continues to support new technology, harmony and cooperation as "Florida's Electrical Industry Leader".... More

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