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If you are reading this message, you are on the Home Page for the Electrical Council of Florida. It occurs to me that this is the home for our ECF family.

2020 was a year for the record books on all accounts. ECF continues to face new Covid-19 challenges as we begin the distribution of millions of vaccinations  in our country. 

Several of our local chapters were able to host carefully planned ‘pandemic approved’ events that gave our members an opportunity to network, share current electrical industry news and product/supplier information. Look for photo’s and more details in the current Winter issue of News n’ Views Magazine on the Newsletter tab.

With God’s Grace and blessings, we hope 2021 holds the promise of moving forward with Chapter meetings and events that were forced to be put on hold or cancelled last year. It will be great to be able to attend chapter meetings, cook-outs, golf tournaments, clay shoots, fish frys, bowling nights and apprenticeship events with or without masks!

Oops – Almost forgot to mention table tops, supplier show cases and the November ECF Annual Conference at the Bilmar Resort & Spa on Treasure Island Beach.

2021 will be an active year for ECF’s State Board of Directors and Executive Committee as they implement several new chapter development initiatives, and continue to support our ‘at risk’ chapters as they move forward to recover from the impact of a year of ‘no meetings, no event’s to a year filled with meetings and events.

With the support of ECF State Leadership and ECF staff, 2021 offers great opportunity for a year of growth, recovery and renewed fellowship.

Thank you for your support and loyalty to ECF. Come home to ECF anytime.

Stay Safe and God Bless.

Randy Cruickshank
2021 ECF State President

About ECF

The Electrical Council of Florida is a non-profit trade association, owned by its members.

ECF's primary purpose is to strengthen all segments of Florida's electrical industry. While there are issues that are unique to specific disciplines, many share common goals which can be achieved through communication and working together.

The association was formed in 1961 by a core group of twenty-two industry leaders who shared the vision of unifying the rapidly changing electrical industry. Today, ECF continues to support new technology, harmony and cooperation ion as "Florida's Electrical Industry Leader".... More

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