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COVID-19 Update

The ECF staff and leadership are currently working on rescheduling all association events, with our 2020 Continuing Education Seminars being our top priority. Please see our calendar for all rescheduled dates. All upcoming events will comply with the regulations put in place by the state of Florida in light of COVID-19. 

Please contact our office with any questions regarding our new procedures for in-person events at 813- 885-9605. 

News Blog

Welcome to the ECF Forum. This forum is for people interested in the electrical industry who want to share ideas and information. It's a good place to ask questions or to find items that may be discontinued or figure out a substitute that will get the job done safely.
We've kept the forum simple and clutter free  to make it easy to read and reply.  Feel free to discuss problems, but please refrain from naming individuals or companies unless you're sharing good news.  You can always tell the other forum members to contact you off-line if they wish  to know more details about a specific problem or contractor.
All work and no play isn't any fun.  Share good news with us.  The Forum isn't designed to be a blog or personal soap box, so please keep personal opinions short and to the point.
Rude or offensive language will be removed from the Forum, so please don't go there.  All questions are welcomed and we hope you will get the answers that you need.
Let us know if you have any suggestions to improve the Forum.  Thank You and welcome to the ECF Forum.

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