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Fire Prevention Is Not a Once-a-Year Responsibility

How often do you think about fire prevention? Weekly? Monthly? Yearly? Unless your answer to that question is “daily,” you may have some work to do. The U.S. Fire Administration received more than 100,000 reports of nonresidential building fires each year from 2014–2016.

In those incidents, about 90 deaths, 1,350 injuries, and $2.4 billion in property damage costs were reported. That last figure is about 20 percent of the total dollar loss from all fires.

Some fires have common causes — cooking, faulty electrical wiring, or smoking. Others come from less obvious sources, including:

  • Dust and debris piles near heat sources or electrical outlets
  • Oily rags stored in the open or in a container that isn’t sealed
  • Overheated electrical equipment or appliances

Review your overall fire safety plan a couple times a year, if you don’t have one – get started now with a simple checklist and expand it as needed – make everyone understands the need be on the lookout for fire risks. Make your plan part of your everyday business procedure.

Update your cleaning checklists to include inspection of any new potential fire hazards you identify. You and your team won’t even notice a change in routine, but your fire risk management strategy will be much more effective.

Remind everyone to constantly be on the lookout for anything unusual. Are there any strange
noises coming from equipment? Any flickering lights? Do vehicles appear to be operating properly?

It’s true that no matter how diligent you are, a fire is still possible. If you keep fire prevention at the top of your priority list – you have a better chance of avoiding a catastrophe.

Fire Prevention Week ends tomorrow. Remind everyone in your shop about the importance of fire prevention - just remember that it shouldn’t be the only time of year you think about it.

Special thanks to Federated Insurance for this timely reminder.

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