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Are Your Employee Drivers Safe?

Ironically, the more we drive the less aware of our driving habits we often become.  Occasional poor driving behaviors may gradually grow more frequent; we become accustom to our driving style; we lose awareness of our driving tendencies; and we develop dangerous driving habits.  This is true of you and the employees who drive your company vehicles.  Ask yourself, “In the past month, how often have my employees been driving and had a near-miss collision because they...”

  • Slammed on the brakes?
  • Rolled through a stop sign?
  • Turned a corner too fast?
  • Were distracted while sending a text?
  • Decided to speed?
  • If you can’t answer these questions, it may be time to take action.  Technology now exists that allows business owners and leaders to “step into the cab” of company-owned vehicles operated by their employees and gain valuable insight into their team’s behavior behind the wheel.  Even better, employees themselves can benefit from receiving direct feedback on their driving via technology solutions.  In some cases, an employee may not even realize they have unsafe habits on the road until presented with hard data related to how often they… 
  • use their phone,
  • hard brake,
  • hard corner,
  • speed, and
  • hard accelerate…while driving on behalf of the company.

Increasing awareness of unsafe behaviors – coupled with rewarding and recognizing desired driving behaviors – can be the difference between your employees making it home safe today and a devastating vehicle crash. If you’re ready to take the lead on creating safer roads for your employees and everyone, reach out to your local Federated Insurance marketing representative to learn about Federated DriveSAFE, a telematics app solution available for Federated Insurance clients.

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